Temperature & Humidity tracking test in container transportation

Test Purpose: Recơrd the humidity in the container,with TOPSORB desiccants used, during the ocean voyage,judge the effectiveness of TOPSORB desiccants to protect the goods from moisture damage.

Test line & Date:

Voyage period:30 Days
Test Period: Start:2013-09-28 End 2013-11-08,Total40 Days
Loading Port: Shanghai, China
Destination Port: Santos.Brazil
Container Loading Date:2013-09-28
Sailing Date: 2013-09-30
Arrival Date: 2013-11-05

Tested Product:

Desiccant:Dry Dragon-1000②
Quantity: 6kg
Test Instrument:TESTO l74H1 Data logger (Germany Brand)③


Test analysis:

①During the whole ocean voyage, the relative humidity is controlled within 50% ~ 60% in the container.
②Humidity in the container goes to the opposite direction against temperature. When the temperature goes up, the humidity goes down at the same time;

For Reference: Mildew Degree Sheet

Temperature Under 23℃ 23℃ ~ 26℃ 26℃ ~ 29℃ 29℃ ~ 32℃ Above 32℃
Humidity <50% 50% ~ 60% 60% ~ 70% 70% ~ 85% >80%
Vapore Pressure <17hpa 17hpa ~ 22hpa 22hpa ~ 27.5hpa 27.5hpa ~ 31hpa >31hpa
Mildew Degree Very difficult to mildew Difficult to mildew Food easy to mildew Easy to mildew Very easy to mildew

Test Conclusion:

Dry Dragon created a dry environment and destroyed the conditions the formation of mildew!

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